DEA group
  • +37064805201


  • Molėtų g. 88

  • Utena

  • I-V 8:00-17:00

  • VI 8:00-15:00

Road transport

Partial loads in Scandinavia and full loads throughout all Europe and in the CIS countries in standard and temperature semi-trailers.

Sea transport

Cargo transportation from Norwegian coastal ports to Klaipeda port in containers.

Air Transport

Cargo transportation from any country in the world with an airport. Door-to-door deliveries. Document management, customs services.


Cargo storage in Utena, Kaunas, Vilnius, Sweden and Norway. Document management, customs services, reloading services.

Temperature controlled transport

Cargo transportation requiring temperatures from -25 to +25. Reloading in special warehouses. Thermograph reports.

Services provided by DEA group

  • Transportation of partial and small loads from / to European and CIS countries;
  • Transportation of full loads;
  • Freight transport by sea and air;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR);
  • 3PL service package;
  • Storage
  • Customs broker services;
  • Multi-modal solutions.
  • Partial cargo transportation (LTL)
  • By sea containers (LCL);


  • Partial loads of various weights and volumes;
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Excise goods;
  • High value cargo.
  • Main routes:
    Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia;
    Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway – CIS countries.

Transportation of full loads (FTL)

  • Thermo semi-trailers: temperature-controlled according to the customer’s order. Length – 13.6 m, height – 2.44 m, width – 2.48 m. Capacity – 33 euro pallets. -92m3
  • Mega tilt semi-trailer: length – 13.6 m, height – 3.1 m, width – 2.48 m. Capacity – 34 euros pallets, – 100m3.
  • Tilt semi-trailer: 13.6m, height – 2.72m, width – 2.48m. Capacity – 34 euro pallets.